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Other STI-statistics

On other websites (see also our links) you can find so-called output indicators that can be considered as representative of the final result of the R&D process. The latter are however more difficult to define and collect than input data.

We restrict ourselves to the four following indicators:

Scientific publications (and quotations)

What do we mean by scientific publications?

All the (paying) information is available on the Institute for Scientific Information websites. This institution publishes the Science Citation Index.

Technology balance of payments (TBP)

Technology balance of payments (TBP) of the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU) and Belgium

What is the technology balance of payments?


What do patents represent?

Here are also five interesting links:

Human resources in science and technology (HRST)

What does “Human resources in science and technology” mean?

Follow this link to find indicators: Eurostat