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Wide-scale survey among PhD holders (better known under the term Survey), supervised by a cooperation agreement between the OECD, UNESCO and EUROSTAT, in order to have a clearer view of the overall career paths of those known as innovation workers.


Survey 2006

This survey was organised for the first time in 2006. Through a certain number of modules, it investigated the training for a PhD, the career path and international mobility.

Two federal public services collaborated in the organisation of this survey:

  • the Economic Statistics and Information section of FPS Economy was responsible for determining the composition of the population, for sending out the survey and recording the data.
  • the Science Policy PPS was in charge of elaborating the survey and analysing the answers.

Here you will find a copy of French and Dutch the 2006 questionnaire (pdf).

Survey 2010

In order to update the existing data and collect new data concerning the careers of PhD holders, it was decided on an international level to carry out the 2006 survey again. This survey ran until end 2010. The first analyses and first reports are expected in 2011.

The public service in charge is the Science Policy PPS again. The national register was used to collect the details of the people in question and to send out the letters. This cooperation was implemented in agreement with the Privacy Commission in order to guarantee the confidential nature of the data collected.

Here you will find a copy of French and Dutch the 2010 questionnaire (pdf).


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