Monitoring research & innovation

Specific services

Specialised information for science policy

This service addresses in the first instance the federal Science Policy Office and its federal scientific institutions. It is also open to other administrations and customers, upon agreement of the conditions.

Reports / documentation

The collected information is evaluated, analysed and summarized in a report which can consist of:

  • an introduction to the subject
  • a summary of the collected information
  • a list of the main researchers/institutions
  • bibliographic references
  • a list of the most important websites
  • a list of experts

Bibliometric analysis

  • Scientific output of a country, a region, an institution, a university, a researcher...
    Some examples of quantitative and qualitative indicators:
    • Number of publications/patents (absolute value, world percentage, by subject area ...)
    • Number of citations (absolute value, world percentage...)
    • (Relative) impact
  • Co-publications: identification of collaboration networks (researchers, institutions, countries...)
  • Analysis of a subject/theme (evolution of the number of publications, countries/institutions/researchers active in the field, main journals...)

Strategic watch

  • Retrospective/prospective survey of foreign research activities and programmes in a specific area
  • Updating of the reports
  • Detection and follow-up of new and emerging trends in research programmes (new research programmes, new funding priorities, bibliometry, news)
  • Monitoring websites (intelligent agents)

SPIDOC Info: Newsletter on Science Policy

This newsletter, available in Dutch and French and published between 2006 and 2009, gives an overview of important developments concerning science policy.

Our main information sources

  • Internet: governmental and academic websites, databases, e-lists, open-access journals...
  • Online databases (see Scientific and Technical Information)
  • Collection of the Royal Library of Belgium and the library of the Federal Science Policy Office.

More information:

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