Monitoring research & innovation

Specific services (Belgian portal for research and innovation)

Online since April 2003, the portal gives an overview of research and innovation activities in Belgium and in a European or international collaboration context.

This window on the scientific activity of Belgium addresses the players in research and innovation, the political and the economic community in Belgium or abroad. The portal is available in English, in French and in Dutch.

The variety of websites this portal refers to may appear from the following list:

  • Universities and (semi)-public research and technology centres
  • Science policy authorities
  • Bodies assisting research and innovation (libraries, information and documentation centres, consultative bodies...)
  • Research funding possibilities, such as:
    • Grants, scholarships and job vacancies
    • Calls for proposals or tenders (also at the European level)
    • Professional organisations and associations
  • Statistics and indicators
  • Science diffusion
Currently, this site is no longer updated !