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EUROFED (Europe for the federal authorities)


EUROFED is the service of the National Contact Points (NCPs) of the Belgian federal government. Our aim is to inform federal research institutes and other federal actors about Horizon 2020, the Framework Programme for Resaerch and Innovation of the European Union.

EUROFED wants more concrete inform his clients about the latest developments in Horizon 2020, help them finding suitable project partners or joining a consortium, support them in preparing a project proposal and give feedback on their project proposals.

EUROFED newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsfeed. Via this tool, you can indicate in which thematic areas you are interested so we can provide targeted news to you.

You can also follow our Twitter-account: @Eurofed_H2020

EUROFED website

The Eurofed-website provides in a nutshell all the information on Horizon 2020 a researcher needs to know. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to contact the Eurofed team for personal assistance and advice.

More informations

Pascale Van Dinter
Tel.: +32 2 238 37 43
Fax: +32 2 238 37 50

Laurent Ghys
Tel.: +32 2 238 37 52
Fax: +32 2 238 37 50

Marieke Zwartjes
Tel.: +32 2 238 37 42
Fax: +32 2 238 37 50